Loughborough: Shivering Dog Rescued From Water Tunnel

Image by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

A brave, young dog has been rescued after falling eight feet into cold water.

Image by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

The dog was found shivering in the culvert while the alarm was raised on Whitehouse Avenue in Loughborough.

The dog plummeted down the water tunnel last July 11. Firefighters and RSPCA staff arrived on the scene around 2:45 PM to rescue the poor pup.

The dog was unable to free itself. Fortunately, rescuers arrived to reach out to the terrified dog carefully.

With careful work, firefighters confirmed that the dog was safely rescued and given proper care and warmth.

Fire Crew Rescuing Dog Image by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Rescue firefighters used a series of ladders to reach the trapped dog before finally being able to free it.

The dog was later then handed over to Woodside RSPCA Animal Centre, which would reunite the cold dog with its owner.

“When we reached the scene, our hearts sank as we found the dog shivering in the cold water running through the culvert.

‘t was clear that the poor pup had been there for quite some time. So with immense care and help from the Woodside RSPCA Animal Centre and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Loughborough Station we carefully extricated the dog from the culvert, providing immediate comfort and warmth.

With RSPCA assistance we made sure that this brave little soul was reunited with its owner.” Castle Donington Fire Station stated.

The rescue was declared over at around 3:20 PM, confirmed by the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

This rescue mission led to a reminder to all dog owners to be cautious around any kind of water.

‘We encourage everyone to ensure that their pets are microchipped and never follow them into water. Call the emergency services.’ Castle Donington Fire Station added

Shivering dog rescued from water tunnel Image by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service


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