Giveaway: Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Clippers ($35 Value)

Grooming a dog can be a very scary experience for your pooch. The tools are new, the feeling and sensation of being groomed is new, and there are lots of new noises. Some dogs have so much anxiety about being groomed that they can only be handled by a professional.

If your dog is afraid of the buzzing noise that traditional clippers make, a pair of silent clippers may help to ease his nerves. Lucky for you, we’re giving you the chance to win one for FREE from Scaredy Cut!

Of course, silent pet clippers are not nearly as efficient as electric clippers. It will take you longer to groom your pooch, but he’ll be much more comfortable during the process. Not to mention, you’ll get more time to bond with your canine companion.

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FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Recieve

I know these don’t look like professional pet clippers. They are actually scissors with attachable blades. While these aren’t the most effective dog clippers, they are the best option for pets with severe grooming anxiety. And, if you only need to groom around your dog’s face and paws, it won’t take much longer than it would with electric clippers.

Scaredy Cut Clippers come with 7 detachable combs, including:

    • .5″
  • .55″
  • .6″
  • .7″
  • .8″
  • .9″
  • 1.0″

The professional scissors have stainless steel blades with a serrated edge. They cut through thick, course hair. Even if you’re not going to give your dog a full haircut with these clippers, they would male a great addition to anyone pet owners’ grooming toolkit.

While some dogs may be comfortable with electric clippers, they would probably much rather have you trim around their face and ears with this silent option.  They’re made of high quality steel and have a tension adjustment knob and removable gel finger inserts.

You can buy these on Amazon for just $35, but this is your chance to win a pair for FREE! Every groomer needs a quality pair of grooming scissors in their toolkit anyway, so why not try these ones with attachable combs without having to purchase them yourself?

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

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