Viral Video Shows Dog On Board A Fire Truck Howling Along The Sirens

An internet video clip of a fire truck dog howling along with the truck’s sirens became viral on Tiktok.

This 23-second clip was posted by user @jacksonthefiredog and featured Jackson—a red Labrador Retriever and Los Angeles County Fire Department therapy dog.

The video started with Jackson inside a moving dispatch fire truck with a message overlay that read, “Let’s go on a 911 call together!


I love to howl along with the sirens🚒🚨 #jacksonthefiredog #fypシ゚viral #dogsoftiktok #firehousedog #lacountyfire #firefightertiktok #dogsoftiktokviral #firedog #firemenoftiktok #ems #trending #redlabrador

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

With his head sticking out, Jackson howled every time he hears the high-pitched sirens of the fire truck on its way to the 911 call location.

The video was posted last July 9, 2023, and as of writing, has 3.5 million views, nearly half a million likes, and 12 thousand shares on the platform.

Netizens loved the clip where the video received nothing but praise and positive responses for Jackson.

One viewer even commented: “If this pup showed up after I called 911, that might be all I needed.


Disclaimer: my humans always put hearing protection on me at any ceremony my dad plays the bag pipes at. There are some days I like to sing along while my dad plays. As soon as my dad goes out to start playing I run outside to start singing with him🦮♥️ #jacksonthefiredog #fypシ゚viral #firehousedog #dogsoftiktok #lacountyfire #firefightertiktok #firedog #firemenoftiktok #firefightersoftiktok #trending #doghowling

♬ original sound – Jackson🦮🚒

The US Service Animals recognizes therapy dogs like Jackson are a type of canine that provides stress-free companionship in a stressful location or scenario.

US Service Animals also states that therapy dogs don’t need to be trained to perform specific tasks.

Instead, therapy dogs only need behavioral training that makes them well-tempered to emotionally support people who need it.

A later Tiktok clip revealed that Jackson indeed “was trained for two years to become a therapy dog for La County Fire Department” as captioned in the video. 


Replying to @✨Giuliaariannaa✨ I was trained for two years to become a therapy dog for La County Fire Department! My dad Daniel Trevizo and I work together on making sure every firefighter in our department gets the help they deserve 🚒🚨❤️🦮 #jacksonthefiredog #fypシ゚viral #firehousedog #dogsoftiktok #lacountyfire #firefightertiktok #firedog #firemenoftiktok #ems #therapydog #workingdog #therapydogsoftiktok #firefightersoftiktok #peersupport #therapydogs

♬ original sound – Jackson🦮🚒


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