Review: Arf Pets Automatic Feeder for Pets

Automatic feeders are the easiest way to keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule. They can be especially beneficial for pets with medical issues that require a scheduled diet. Automatic feeders are also ideal for animals on a diet that needs strict portion control. The Arf Pets Automatic Feeder is one of the newest options on the market.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider before choosing the right automatic feeder for your pet. For starters, there are many different sizes of pet feeders. Think about your pet’s size and how much food he eats at every serving. This will be important when choosing a feeder that will meet his needs.

Another variable that will affect your choice is the number of meals your cat or dog eats every day. Every automatic feeder model is different – some only serve 2 or 3 meals per day, while others can feed 10 or more meals every day. Likewise, some can serve 2-3 cups of food per serving, while others only serve 1 cup or less.

Most automatic pet feeders only dispense dry kibble. If your dog needs wet food or eats a raw or homemade diet, you’ll have a very limited number of automatic feeders to choose from. One of those options is the Arf Pets Automatic Feeder!

Arf Pets Automatic Feeder for Pets Review

This automatic feeder serves five 1-cup meals per cycle. I wouldn’t recommend it for large breed dogs, but it would be great for small or medium breeds. This would also be a great feeder for cats.

I’m also really pleased that this feeder can serve wet or dry food. Most similar products only serve dry kibble, so this is a great option if your pet eats canned or homemade dog food.

As you can see in my video review above, there is an option to record your own personal voice message for your pup that will play every time a meal is served. It gets your pet’s attention so they know when it’s time to eat.

The easy-to-use control panel allows you to set the times that the meals will be served at any interval of your choosing. I’m certainly not tech-savvy, but the included instructions were great. I had this feeder all set up in about 15 minutes.

The Arf Pets Automatic Feeder works with the included adapter or with 3 size D batteries. Battery back-up is a must-have feature for me because you don’t have to worry about your dog missing a meal or being fed at the wrong time if the power goes out.

The base of the feeder has rubber feet. This prevents it from sliding across the floor while your dog is eating. You can buy the Arf Pets Automatic Feeder on Amazon for $44.99 at the time of this review.

Compared to other similar feeders with roughly the same capacity, this automatic feeder is priced on the cheaper end of the spectrum. If you have a cat or a small to medium-sized dog, I think this feeder would be a great value for the money.

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